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Play Our Minions Scavenger Hunt & Enter Our Contest

Minion Contest

Despicable Me is the #1 Movie in the U.S. on Netflix. Gru and the adorable Minions will be back with their latest escapades in July of 2021 with the release of their next movie.


During these times of social distancing, we all need to stay positive and healthy. Those of us who are parents are looking for activities to help stimulate our children – and keep them happy and engaged.

We will host a Minions Contest on our Facebook page. Each week, share a photo of your Minions and provide the following information:

  • Name your Minions

  • Dress up your Minions

  • Show your Minions doing mischievous activities around the house (kid-friendly please)

Each Friday, beginning July 1st and every Friday through July 31st, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a prize (gift value up to $50) for a goody basket for the whole family filled with Sherpa socks for the whole family.

Minions Scavenger Hunt

Find minions Favorite Food

It starts with a B….and is yellow. How do you say I’m hungry in Minion? Me want banana. If you cannot find a food that starts with B and is yellow, remember that Minions Call Apples Bapples! Find and locate a Bapple.

Find a Freeze Dance Party

Minions love to “Freeze.” Have a Freeze dance

party with your minions. Remember, they LOVE to Sing YMCA! Find that song and play it and dance along with your minions.

Find a Blue Toy

Minions love the color yellow. But, they also love the color blue. Go into your playroom or bedroom and find something blue that your minions might like to play with.

Find "Evil" Purple

There is only one bad color with Minions – Purple. This is the “evil Minions color.” Let’s find something in purple in the playroom or bedroom.

Find a Hideout

Outside. If it is safe and you can go outside, can find a Minion hideout in a tree or bush?

Find a Disguise

Sometimes Minions need to get into disguise to go undercover. Find something your minion can wear or get creative and put on a minion disguise fashion show.

Minion Story Time!

Minions love stories. Can you find a book you think your Minions will like? Or find your favorite book and read to your Minion.

Find & Share a Tasty Treat!

A favorite Minions quote is “Gelato”. Gelato means ice cream, enjoy a cup of ice cream with your minion.

Hide & Seek

Do you like hide and seek? Hide your minion in a fun, safe place and let a family member or friend

find your hiding place.

Find a Minion Mask

Can you show your Minion how to wear a mask? Can you find or make a mask for your Minion?

Have your own scavenger hunt ideas? Submit them to us for a chance to win a Jumbo Minion of your choice? We'd love to see and share your creativity! Post your pictures on social media with hashtag:

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